Agency: November city residential average price remained stable overall turnover continued to run low

In December 2018 06, from 12:59: - Real Estate Channel Beijing 12 6 Xinhua (reporter Sun Hongli) 11 100 (New) National City residential average price of 14641 yuan / square meters, rose 0.27%, rose 0.20 percent last month narrowed. Today, the publication of real estate research institutions Chinese Index Research Institute data show that Beijing, Shanghai and other ten city (New) residential average price of 26665 yuan / square meters, up 0.18%, or 0.13 percentage points last month narrowed. Ten cities main city secondary residential sample average price of 39012 yuan / square meters, down 0.38%, down 0.35 percentage points last month to expand.

The data Chinese Index Research Institute shows that change the number from the city, 66 city rose 31, the city fell, 3 city flat. Compared with the previous month, the number of the month prices rose in the city decreased by 12, which rose more than 1% in the city has 17, 10 lower than last month; the number of the month prices fell in the city increased by 12, which fell more than 1% in the city of 3, last month increased 3.

This month, the property market regulation policy, policy to maintain a stable, relevant policy mainly focus on strengthening market supervision. The central level, the Ministry of housing and real estate market heavy governance and dishonesty, intends to 101 kinds of illegal acts "blacklist"; silver CIRC on 5 illegal loans involved in Housing Bank opened a ticket. The local level, Shenzhen asked the price adjustment of housing prices beyond the record price of 15% must first do record change; Xi'an requirements for the development of enterprises should be a one-time declaration of pre-sale permit or Xianfang sales record.

In addition, the country continued to accelerate the establishment of a sound housing security system, Wuhan, Guangzhou clear requirements prohibit "to rent consignee", and provides a single rental lease shall not exceed 20 years; the establishment of the Beijing policy of housing construction project approval Easy Access; Wuhan issued the country's first single to public rental rent income for the underlying asset securitization project.

Supply from the market performance, at the end of the year, the impact of sales situation, the majority of enterprises to increase efforts to push the plate, the push plate hot city continue to remain high, but the opening to a low rate. The demand side, the overall turnover continued to run low, many of the hot city real estate market volume appeared chain down; prices, city residential average price overall stable.

Chinese Index Research Institute analysis, the central determination to curb housing prices will not change the situation, the local government will continue to strictly implement the regulatory measures to accelerate the establishment of a sound housing security system, and effectively improve the housing supply and demand, to ensure market stability.

China Index Research Institute expects the future policy continued to deepen, the price first-tier cities will continue to maintain stable prices, other hot city will continue to adjust, the number of housing prices will further increase the cooling of the city.

(commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Xia Xiaolun)

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