Beijing limited competitive housing transactions increased differentiation promotion may not work


In December 2018 06, 08:16 source: Beijing Business Today
Original title: Beijing real estate transaction limit competitive differentiation.

Has been speculation may become the first "limit" limit competitive housing project You'an house before breaking rumors smooth forensics sales. It is understood that the project launched 193 sets of houses, went up to 84.5%. This to an average of less than 40% in the current Beijing limited competitive housing market is very eye-catching. In fact, the Beijing housing project has a competitive supply potential of the blowout, but a considerable part of the project into a quagmire of sales. Insiders pointed out that many of the current limiting competitive preferential projects are large, but not all are suitable for the project through price leverage to leveraging the market. Overall, if not going fast, the possibility of a premium rate of over 20% of the plots previously have losses.

The competitive differentiation of housing transactions

A few months ago, Beijing promulgated the "limit" policy was interpreted as the industry competitive position limit housing project scarcity may eventually change property". Thus, located near the Beijing you'anmen near the You'an mansion project once speculated as the most likely to be closer to the "limit" of real estate.

For the first time recently opened You'an house breaking opening market rumors. According to the relevant authorities to disclose data show that the first phase of the project launched 193 sets of high-rise housing products, sold 163 units, only 30 sets of unsold, to 84.5%. The average to the rate of less than 40% of the Beijing housing market competition is limited, very eye-catching. It is worth noting that the You'an palace of the opening price for the project approval of the highest price of 83432 yuan / square meters. Than the project sales price of nearly 4000 yuan higher.

In this regard, industry experts, You'an government can guarantee sales hit high price is mainly due to the favorable location near the neighboring in the project, and project near Lize business district. Even if it is 83 thousand yuan the highest sales price than the project near the Chinese Yuxi surrounding the new residential projects have close to the price of 30 thousand yuan.

But not all the competing housing projects have similar lucky. As at present, Beijing city limit competitive housing for 31 projects, a total of 18814 houses in city. Only a handful of projects to achieve the opening percentage of sales. Even some of the projects to the dismal rate was only 10%. Overall, the average net real competitive level of less than 20%, less than 40% of the actual contract.

The housing location factors of priority

In fact, the real reason of competing projects were Rainbow Night also tracked.

At present, the advantage is the key, a good deal project most adjacent to the core area of the city. Recently from the Beijing land market just sold plots location, the surrounding Rings became the real competitive project supply concentrated area, and five real estate transactions was significantly higher than that of five regional.

Analysis of Korean music estate marketing director, current limiting competition while still in the expansion of the supply room, but lots and bottom quality of the price is gradually farewell to the market.

The three concerns the core needs of buyers are: location, price and apartment layout. Among them, the location and price are closely related, good location, the price is higher, but can not afford to buy; price threshold is low, and relatively far, inconvenience. Buyers need to weigh in between.

In fact, in this round of land peatlands can also look into the future trend of the market. The real competition to five spread speed, the scarcity of land caused by the real possibility of entering the five limit competition is more and more small. This Han Yue believes that the purchase of the best is the closest, along the ring to buy cost-effective products.

The real competition is good sell is directly related with the product design.

The analysis of a real estate agency sources, the current real estate market is 90 square meters Sanju small products fully occupy the mainstream market, leading to the design of similar apartment layout projects, product supply is monotonous, and even some outdated design products market sales. But consumers will vote with their feet. For example, the popular You'an office also has 30 suites source failed to achieve sales, which is either a home apartment layout area is too small, or there are defects in the design of apartment layout knife. The project about the current market basically is to achieve a transparent, bright and other elements, and to avoid the homogenization of the innovative design.

Sales promotion may not work

As of today, Beijing limit competitive housing plots total entry 80, with the construction of the total area of 7 million 735 thousand and 500 square meters of real. In the face of limited competitive supply of housing developers face sales blowout, the follow-up will be increasingly difficult.

It is worth noting that many of the current real estate deals are great efforts. But through price leverage to leveraging the market strategy is not suitable for the real competitive project co..

Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei analysis, from the original take on the cost of view, currently on the market in the sale of items in the 20%-40% premium rate of 17 projects, the premium rate in 10%-20% 14, the premium rate of 24 items is less than 10%, while the premium rate of more than 40% plots of the future price of limited space. Overall, if not going fast, the premium rate of over 20% of the plots are most close to the possibility of loss or loss. Some focus on the supply of the plate, such as Yizhuang, Beiqijia, Wei Shanzhuang and other areas over time may face more pressure.

(commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Kong Haili)

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