The number of housing prices to complete the annual sales target

Zhang Zhong

In December 2018 06, 08:09 source: Guangzhou daily
Original title: housing prices more than the annual sales target

In December 5th, COFCO real estate announced that the company issued shares to buy assets unconditionally through. It is reported that the assessment of the acquisition target value reached 14 billion 800 million yuan, after the ex dividend trading price of 14 billion 447 million yuan, a real estate sector the largest acquisition project this year. Some analysts believe that, through acquisitions, COFCO Property will be among the ranks of big developers.

By huge amounts of mergers and acquisitions by stimulation, COFCO Property Thursday bucked the trend, closing up 5.34%. In fact, this is the second time COFCO Property Reorganization case will. In October 25th, the lack of a reasonable basis "asset pricing fair transactions on the grounds, COFCO Property Reorganization Commission rejected.

According to the announcement of the acquisition of real estate, mainly intends to issue shares of the way Xiang Mingyi acquired its holdings of 9 billion 134 million shares of real estate accounted for joy, joy estate issued ordinary shares 64.18% of the total shares, the transaction price is determined as 14 billion 756 million yuan. But because of joy estate in 7 month of implementation of 2017 annual dividend payout scheme, Ming Yi won a cash dividend, the issue of shares to buy assets transaction price from 14 billion 756 million yuan to 14 billion 447 million yuan.

The number of housing prices slowing sales growth

According to the city real estate disclosure data show that 1-10 months, sales of 152.6 billion yuan, an increase of 11%. Although the COFCO Property for the central enterprises, but the volume is not large, operating income 2017 140.42 billion yuan, insufficient Vanke 6%. Therefore, some analysts believe that the acquisition of city estate, real estate is expected to gradually among the ranks of large enterprises. In the latest disclosure data, Vanke, country garden, Hengda housing prices in the first 11 months of sales are significant growth, some housing prices in advance of the annual sales target.

December 5th, Vanke disclosed that in November the company achieved contract sales area of 3 million 556 thousand square meters, the sales amount of 58 billion 320 million yuan contract; 11 months of 2018 the cumulative contract sales area of 35 million 990 thousand square meters, the sales amount of 543 billion 950 million yuan contract. Hengda Group contract sales amount to about 34 billion 70 million yuan in November, 11 months before the cumulative contract sales amount of 535 billion 210 million yuan. At the same time, Shimao real estate sales contract period is more than 155 billion yuan. In addition, KWG, beautiful home, South Building, Rongsheng development and agile, the first 11 months of this year total sales amount is very beautiful.

Cly released data show, this year 11 month, TOP100 housing prices overall sales volume over 8.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 37.5%. Sub echelon, hundred housing prices in addition to TOP3 leading enterprises the scale of growth is relatively stable, the amount of sales of other tier housing prices entry threshold over the same period last year still increased significantly. Among them, there are more than 10 enterprises have been completed in advance of the annual sales target.

But industry analysts believe that the market is still cautious due to the end of the year, the new enterprise project to the rate generally less than expected, the overall sales slowdown trend has not changed. Among them, even the sales of hundred housing prices, 11 month monthly sales year-on-year growth slowed further, from 7 in 58.1% to the 24.5% 11 month highs.

National Bureau of statistics data show that this year 10 month, the national commercial housing sales area of 133117 square meters, an increase of 2.2%, the growth rate down 0.7 percentage points over 1-9 months. Sales of 115914 billion yuan, the growth of 12.5%, the growth rate down 0.8 percentage points. (all media reporter Zhang Zhongan)

(commissioning editor Kong Haili and Sun Hongli)

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