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Make a decision of Shenzhen evening of November 8th, the shares in Philip for 20 consecutive trading days trading below par (1 yuan) into A shares delisting, delisting of shares of 1 yuan first "".

E company, the Securities Times reporter learned that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 6th held a hearing to listen to the statements and arguments, the scene, to obtain a more comprehensive review of information, at the same time to make the fact and the parties expressly rules according to the terms of the decision to terminate the listing, delisting procedures to ensure legal compliance, market participation and the right to know effectively security.

Respect the market selection results

16 to enter the delisting consolidation period

The evening of November 8th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in accordance with the law and regulations to terminate the listing of shares of Philip shares, announced that Philip shares become the first shares because of continuous below par and is forced to terminate the listing of the company. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that the delisting decision to respect the market selection results, according to objective and clear rules. According to the relevant rules, Philip shares since November 16, 2018 will enter the delisting finishing period, trading for a period of 30 trading days, the stock referred to as "Philip will change to retreat". In the delisting consolidation period after the expiry of the forty-five trading days, entered the National SME share transfer system listed for sale.

Since 2018, Philip shares continue to disclose the results of large losses, a number of major projects such as shutdown of overdue debt, major risk issues, investors through the market behavior of the expression of the investment value of the company's judgment.

In August 15, 2018, the company's stock closing price below par for the first time (1 yuan), while during the experience and jiaduobao "restructuring" short "escape entanglements". But in the 9 month 13 days to 10 month 18 days, twenty consecutive trading days the stock closing prices are lower than the par value.

After the disclosure of overdue debts Philip shares amounted to 7 billion 816 million yuan. As of October 30th, the shares in Philip principal and subordinate subsidiary of overdue debts accumulated a total amount of 7 billion 816 million yuan, all for all types of loans.

E, the Securities Times reporter inquiries found Ali auction platform, Philip shares valuation price of 3 billion 67 million yuan of bad loans, has been to the auction starting price of 2 billion 500 million yuan, the auction time is from November 10th to November 11th, has yet to start. The auction information display, as of October 31st, the debt principal 2 billion 500 million yuan, debt interest (including interest) and liquidated 864 million yuan, a total of 3 billion 364 million yuan. The debt of mortgage assets located in Beijing east city of Victoria in the building, Beijing real estate in the pledge of assets is limited 100% stake.

In addition, Hainan Province, Haikou City Intermediate People's court in December 1st 10 to December 2nd 10, the auction of the shares in Philip's 24 sets, the total valuation more than 90 million yuan shops. The auction of the debtor is Hainan Sheng Investment Co. Ltd., Hainan is a wholly owned subsidiary of shares in Hong risheng.

Prior to September 30th, Philip shares and local AMC company's assets in the Department's thick, Thailand Exhibition business signed the escrow agreement, agreed upon by Suzhou's thickness on the implementation of trust management, and debt restructuring, to provide liquidity support.

As the country thick asset shares in Philip business hosting party said that the country is not thick asset shares in Hong new shareholders or the "offeree", its intervention Philip shares as a business trustee role, for the shares in Philip default risk to provide professional financial services to resolve the debt restructuring. Philip shares delisting does not affect the country to continue the thick asset disposal of non-performing assets of the debt crisis in accordance with the established procedures.

The general manager of Shenzhen poly Feng Capital Management Limited Yu Aibin said that Philip shares delisting, showed that the mechanism of survival of the fittest A stock market has been strengthened, the standardization of the market performance, investors will pay more attention to the internal fundamentals of listed companies, and not like a swarm of bees land speculation themes, the results do not support the theme concept of speculation in the future will be "can't do anything". At the same time, to safeguard the interests of investors and relevant delisting mechanisms should be established, well after the delisting rehabilitation work.

A number of institutional shareholders quilt

The three quarter is still two new shareholders

According to the three quarterly disclosure, as of the end of September 2018, in addition to the controlling shareholder of the Hong Zhuo group, 1 investment companies and 2 individuals, Philip shares the top ten shareholders, all the other 6 public fund, brokerage and information management plan, the total stake of up to 25.88%. The investment of wealth - China Merchants Bank - enriched 1 special information management (hereinafter referred to as masutomi No. 1) holding up the end of the month, 9 holds 8 million shares, the shareholding ratio of 9.54%. In addition, the investment of wealth - China Merchants Bank - Silicon Valley Paradise 2 special information management plan also holds 1.63 million shares, accounting for 1.95%.

It is worth noting that the three quarter of this year, Guangdong Highfly investment and Liu Wenjing entered the top ten shareholders of the shares in Philip series. At the end of the two quarter compared to the number of shareholders, the company's three quarter the number of shareholders, an increase of 28 thousand.

In September 27th, the shares in Philip had announced that the enrichment in No. 1 will inform within 15 trading days after the six months, through centralized auction trading, block trading, holdings of shares in Philip a total of not more than 2% of the total share capital and 4%. According to the projections of the time, before the suspension of enrichment and 1 inorganic will escape.

According to regulations, Philip shares delisting after the transfer of listing, the company still needs to fulfill the obligations of the letter phi. Shenzhen will urge the company full disclosure after the termination of the stock market investors for stock ownership, registration and custody arrangements, way of contact and information about the company, to protect the interests of investors.

Feng Ling capital chairman Jin Bin said the delisting is not the first time in the A stock market, the future need to be more standardized and legalized A stock market, the delisting is not a matter of expediency, but to make the system more scientific and effective mechanism of the market, more conducive to reflect the "three principles".

(commissioning editor Wu Zhenguo and Sun Hongli)

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