Into the Expo opening office and release signal positive investment market


In November 2018 09, 08:20 source: Nan Fang Daily
Original title: into the Expo opening office and release signal positive investment market

As the world's first to import as the theme of large-scale national exhibition, the first Chinese International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "fair") not only provides the trading of goods and services, but also bear the multiple functions of national image display, global issues and so on, will become a public platform for the promotion of economic globalization. Jones Lang LaSalle believes that the positive signal into expo released, it will have a positive impact on the real estate market.

Jones Lang LaSalle China district research director Yao Yao said: "the Expo held Chinese shows further open determination to inject strong confidence for further investment in the China market, but from the side to drive the office leasing demand and large transactions further active, while at the micro level will directly benefit the hotel and the retail industry."

Into the Expo drive effect appeared

In the current trade protectionism, frictions in the background, into the Expo held is of great significance. It will boost the global Chinese to expand open markets, but also a strong impetus to global open. Yao Yao said: "under the background of trade friction, some foreign companies may be temporarily to China market in the future is uncertain, but in the open signal Expo released, will promote these enterprises continue to be optimistic about the market prospects of Chinese. This signal will not only attract more enterprises to invest in China, for those who have been stationed in Chinese market enterprises also has unusual significance, they will be more emboldened in the expanding area of scale and office, which will bring a lot of new demand for office rental market."

The decision-making behavior of investors is to follow the tenant to go, when leasing fundamentals of a region of positive changes, will attract the attention of investors. Therefore, China continue to expand the opening move in addition to good office rental market, will also drive the large market further active." Yao Yao explained.

But the key is in the Expo is not only the release of the open signal, driving effect has begun to show real. It is reported that the first to run into the fair, relevant departments to revise and improve relevant management system, including the introduction of customs clearance facilitation, security services and a number of policy measures. From November 1st onwards, Chinese will be further reduced to more than 1500 items of MFN rates.

Into the Expo was a important opportunity to further expand the opening to China already reflected in a series of measures. For example, the State Council recently prescribed 3 months before the end of next year, a comprehensive clean-up to cancel the entry of foreign investment negative list of foreign set access restrictions, to achieve foreign access standards.

The cross-border consumption demand rise

Into the Expo held in Shanghai Hongqiao business district. According to the data above the high-end hotel in LaSalle, the large supply of Hongqiao area has been ranked in the forefront of Shanghai, in the past two years, a new supply of more than 3500 rooms to enter the market, by the end of 2017, Hongqiao area has a total of 7156 rooms, in the next two years, the supply of an explosion will continue, is expected to in 2021, the new supply will reach 4423 rooms. According to vice president of investment consulting China Hotel and tourism real estate Chen Peijun said: "the Shanghai Asia Pacific region as a new exhibition of all year, rising conference and exhibition area and promote the sustained and stable development of Commercial Hotel Shanghai hotel building to attract investors, so Shanghai is also one of the Asia Pacific District Hotel supply performance and rapid development of the city."

Chen Peijun stressed that this situation will be held in the Expo because is broken: "after we have been worried about the hotel rooms of Hongqiao business district oversupply, a further decline may bring the occupancy rate, but in the Expo gathered about more than 130 countries and regions more than 2800 enterprises, 150 thousand buyers, no that will bring a lot of new housing demand, and thus greatly improve the Hongqiao and the Shanghai this year, the hotel occupancy rate. Into the Expo to promote the optimization and construction of Shanghai's overall public service system, which greatly accelerates Shanghai to become a first-class international exhibition of all the construction and development, is conducive to the future of Hongqiao area and the Shanghai hotel market performance."

Into the Expo will promote cross-border consumption demand increase, in the long term, it will promote cross-border consumer experience store in Chinese especially popular first-tier cities like Shanghai, attract more foreign brands to open the store in Chinese. Jones Lang LaSalle Shanghai district director of retail, China district on behalf of the owners responsible person pointed out: "Kui ran these factors for the Shanghai retail property leasing market to bring new demand, especially high-end fashion brand, automotive, high-tech electronic products, medical services and custom customized travel experience store etc.."

(commissioning editor Xu Weina and Sun Hongli)

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