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[this] on Guangzhou Shenzhen

In accordance with the rhythm of policymakers in Shenzhen, following every step is committed to solve just need (including talent demand).

According to media reports, these days, Shenzhen some intermediary personnel in the promotion, loan foreclosures, and the number of them. To Ali, the judicial auction website as an example, one year, at present the legal auction number surged to 222.5%.

An acquaintance of mine told me nervously: "just a few months to buy a house in Shenzhen, I found a neighbor to sell the house, afraid of falling, the results saw off for the tide of the news."

Shenzhen is a real estate market tide bravely, dare to rush, to leverage. Therefore, the Shenzhen property market has always been up LED, or when led by the Shenzhen property market is the national property market benchmark. Without it, because Shenzhen's private capital is very strong and courageous people of Shenzhen.

In this view it is not difficult to understand why the Shenzhen customs house has been more than a lot of heavyweight capital city of the central area of the house prices, at this point it is not difficult to understand why Shenzhen's millionaires are standing in the rain to draw in the Sales Department of a door, a sign to earn 2 million, take the rain it's nothing, don't say the rain is under the knife to hold on.

Of course, the strong economic data in Shenzhen is an important reason for the high prices of Shenzhen, talk about prices, we can not leave the fundamentals.

But, this time the Shenzhen property market may face the biggest challenge for more than a decade, the Shenzhen real estate speculators may not have a chance to come back. Next to the city of Hongkong, prices have fallen. Shenzhen prices had the trend has changed slowly began to stride forward singing militant songs, although the absolute amount fell down, each publication is not large, but the real estate veteran has fled as a badly frightened person, or in fear: 10 months in Shenzhen residential sales price 54071 yuan / square meters, down 9 yuan / square meter. A volume of 1835 residential units, a decline of 18.3%, turnover continued to decline. Closing an area of 178 thousand and 200 square meters, a decline of 19.10%.

Speculators are basically using the foot lever, some people also borrowed usury, as long as prices have been rising, we all live in peace, as long as prices do not rise, do not say down 9 yuan / square meters, is down 1 yuan / square meters, standing on the edge of the cliff of the real estate speculators who might fall into the abyss of time doomed eternally. Please look up the brain that was closed after the equity pledge bigwigs face.

The result is broken for the house was foreclosed. This round of the property market in Hongkong is just a horror of the horrors of the cycle of reincarnation.

Shenzhen certainly has a sufficient number of wealthy people, but is rapidly losing confidence in the property market, and Shenzhen is a completely rely on the land finance of the city, so expect the government bailout idea in Shenzhen completely unworkable.

On the contrary, Shenzhen is the daring vanguard of this round of market regulation, the corresponding measures are more stringent than the same level of city, so, from 7 - 31 overweight since the new deal, the Shenzhen property market began to accelerate down, completely turned green, the biggest drop in Baoan and Futian, Baoan average price fell 1.1%, 1% decline in futian.

But Shenzhen officials did not hesitate, since the real estate tax is, since the supply of land in Shenzhen has been significantly improved, so a little bit with the means to meet the policy just need is the direction of Shenzhen, and the desire for real talent never stops.

In November 5th, Shenzhen announced the "on the specification has been sold not built land use change and adjust the volume rate of disposal (second draft)". The draft for the first time clearly: sales personnel housing prices will be determined in accordance with the commercial housing market price 30%.

This means not only directly pulled down the real estate market valuation, but also the diversion of potential buyers of the real estate market. In accordance with the rhythm of policymakers in Shenzhen, following every step is committed to solve just need (including talent demand). Encourage real estate, encourage and bar investment in Shenzhen may never come, a sumptuous banquet has actually.

There are three reasons: Shenzhen do not want to hear "don't let HUAWEI similar sound run", Shenzhen hope that the enterprises bigger and more rooted in Shenzhen, Ren Zhengfei make complaints about Shenzhen's housing prices is not a day for two days. Shenzhen hope HUAWEI left, real estate speculators who go away. This is the problem of development.

Shenzhen is the branch of the city, is the fastest growing first-tier cities, the city also hopes to be given, since the economy, there is no need for back pressure cooker, the high prices so sure The loss outweighs the gain., regulation has maintained a high pressure state. This is a performance problem.

As everyone knows, the price associated with the lending rate and currency supply, now both of Shenzhen fried tenants are unfavorable, it is not possible to solve the problem of policy, in the short term.

A final question is: Shenzhen future prices will rise or fall? The normal situation is not there should be up there down?

(Department of Finance commentator)

(commissioning editor Wu Zhenguo and Sun Hongli)

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