Huizhou City Housing Construction Bureau issued a project site inspection bulletin 16 was criticized

Zhang Feng

In November 2018 09, 08:17 source: Nan Fang Daily

To strengthen the construction of safe production, the competent departments for construction safety dynamic launched campaign. The day before, the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of housing comprehensive inspection in the previous stage, issued "on the comprehensive inspection of housing municipal engineering of Huizhou City bulletin", will examine the process that made a detailed briefing, the quality and safety of construction project of construction dust control, flood control and flood preparation, salary payment etc.. "Bulletin" shows that 16 is a sampling of construction projects in the presence of varying degrees of violations, total quality and safety issued a rectification notice ordered to shut down 8, 1 copies of the rectification notice. The Bureau relevant responsible person admitted that this regulation safety problem urgent, the future will further deepen the construction supervision, standardize enterprise behavior.

"Bulletin", the overall situation is good in the batch inspection process, inspection site are in accordance with statutory construction procedures, quality management, safety supervision report and construction permit procedures. Most of the projects are the "Guangdong province construction management information unified form for" related quality and construction safety management, effective implementation of the safety of the construction site.

In the same time, "bulletin" for projects in the inspection problem also made careful combing. For a beautiful garden project construction enterprises in the project quality management is not in place, The Palm Island Resort project does not require implementation of the program approval and review procedures according to "sub project safety management regulations" to increase the risk of a number of sites, and the payment of wages owed not to develop contingency plans pay emergencies and other irregularities are to be the focus of criticism.

"Check out the problem caused by the enterprise and industry attention, every little problem is a problem, it may become a great problem, to regulate their own behavior, to eliminate safety hazards exist." The Bureau of the relevant person in charge of the production safety is no small matter, we must take effective measures to ensure the engineering quality, more effectively protect the safety of construction personnel.

"Bulletin" in view of the existing problems of the enterprise proposed rectification requirements. To continue to intensify supervision of municipal housing project construction safety production work, strengthen the local construction project in construction, construction, supervision and other construction units to implement the main responsibility for construction safety supervision and inspection of the situation, continue to do a good job of quality safety hazard investigation work, especially for the examination of the problems in the implementation of the rectification and immediately. Report to the municipal housing bureau.

In addition, the notification also proposes to establish on emergency disposal plan and settlement mechanism to ensure that wages, payment of wages for migrant workers to get security. As for the public complaints of frequent dust remediation construction, put forward to carry out special construction dust dust dust measures to tackle governance, and urge the construction unit to implement all aspects of the construction work.

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Look at the "bulletin", the reporter found that the 3 aspects of inspection problems were mainly distributed in, construction quality, construction safety and dust remediation, as well as the migrant workers wage payment.

Construction quality:

A product quality management project in Jinxiu

According to the inspection of construction quality, "bulletin" pointed out mainly in the project approval, management is not in place and enterprises do not pay enough attention etc.. In the report on illegal enterprises are concentrated in Boluo County in Heilongjiang province by the construction engineering construction of the Refco Group Ltd, Huizhou City Construction Project Management Company Limited, a beautiful garden project supervision, project near the back cover is not timely approval according to the provisions of the division of engineering organization, quality problem of engineering quality control measures are not in place and have been found attention is not all.

In addition, the Longmen county from Huizhou Haiyan Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. of Huizhou City, the construction of building engineering management company supervision Meihua capital garden project project is not timely due to division project acceptance have been reported; while Guangdong Huachen Construction Quality Inspection Co. Ltd., Huizhou Taiheng Construction Engineering Quality Testing Co., Ltd. because according to the stipulation in the city supervision inspection report criticized the information platform to upload.

Construction safety and dust remediation:

The Palm Island Resort construction site pile without cover

The construction safety and dust remediation inspection process found that some enterprises implement the safety production responsibility is not in place, the construction unit project of the galaxy hill peninsula of Shenzhen City Construction Group Limited by Share Ltd, and the construction unit Yi Yue heights Changsha city construction and installation engineering company, there are more problems, safety awareness is weak.

The other on the East Bank of the Lijiang commercial district 1-5 building and basement engineering and The Palm Island Resort (L area) 1-8, 1, and 2 commercial door, basement project is not in accordance with the "increase the risk of the project safety management regulations" (Ministry of housing Decree No. thirty-seventh) requirements, implementation plan approval and review procedures. Not strictly carry on the construction according to the content of the construction project.

Specific to the problems with The Palm Island Resort as an example: the construction channel is not smooth, the import and export department did not install protective shed, elevator door, staircase wellhead without installation of the ladder side door is not strict, the level of hole without protection measures, as well as the construction of temporary power cables without crossing protection measures, cable specification and construction side the heap of soil without covering problems.

In addition, the project hoisting machinery maintenance quality is not high, there is water pit crane, construction elevator discharge at the platform and the outer frame overlap, edge protection is not strict, and construction dust control measures did not achieve the "6 100%" and other issues have been reported, the Royal Lake View mansion, the east coast of Lijiang and other construction projects are subject to criticism.

The payment of wages of migrant workers:

A number of projects before the establishment of workers salaries account

Specific to the site workers to standardize the payment of wages, "bulletin" pointed out that in the batch inspection process most of the subjects have not developed site emergency disposal plan, wages did not establish a liquidation system of wages.

In addition there is no part of the site of general contracting enterprise payment to the payment voucher pay special accounts, for example, boluoxian by the provincial construction group construction limited liability company, Huizhou Jiantong Engineering Project Management Limited company of the Fairview garden project quality supervision.

Reporters in the Bulletin released along with the attachment "table" to see the problem existing in the workers' labor expenditure, block 1 A Engineering Company Limited construction of the park by the Huizhou Times Herald Caleb home was also examined the migrant workers roster information is not complete, did not pay special account vouchers and no wages of migrant workers record of violations; the construction of Guangdong industrial equipment installation Co. Ltd. of Longmen County People's hospital is subcontracting enterprises have not signed a labor contract with the workers, and not commissioned by the general contracting enterprise directly to workers issued a letter of authorization violations of wages.

(commissioning editor Xu Weina and Sun Hongli)

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