Guangzhou Gome "double eleven" group purchase price opens today


In November 2018 09, 08:13 source: Information times
Original title: Guangzhou Gome "double eleven" group purchase price opens today

Double eleven big promotion on the eve of Guangzhou Gome announced today in advance to start the "super group purchase day" activities, and launched the "buy 3 send 1 sets of" home appliances "5 fold" ofsubsidizing CCB 50~400 "multiple benefits of looting.

Today the Guangzhou GOME stores will be closed shop sales, open super day group purchase special activities, products, computer, mobile phone, digital TV, air conditioning, ice washing, kitchen and small appliances such as the whole category includes full participation, SKYWORTH, Vanward, Vatti, Ronshen and other hundreds of brands for the super day special launch ultra cheap group purchase the explosion of products.

It is understood that the major brand explosion models will focus on, some as low as 5 fold. Among them, TCL55 inch 4K TV theatre, the market price of 5999 yuan, activity price of only 4999 yuan; Ronshen 460 cross door refrigerator, net price of 7199 yuan, activity price of only 5699 yuan; Macro 14 liters of intelligent water heater, the net price of 2999 yuan, activity price of only 2299 yuan; double protection oil heater beauty market. The price of 699 yuan, activity price of only 399 yuan; large 1P air-conditioning and air conditioning, the net price of 2648 yuan, activity price of only 1999 yuan.

In addition, "set to buy 3 send 1 discount is also quite interesting: the customer simply acquiring items that have a chance to get a value of 3899 yuan Panasonic sweeping robot. A big part of the category or activities will be staged simultaneously, such as the purchase of the refrigerator, washing machine designated types of beauty, half price purchase dryer and refrigerator; buy Ronshen designated types of refrigerators to send deslon pot; American Standard intelligent toilet kitchen appliances purchase over 10000 yuan to send the value of 1599 yuan cap; portable mini multifunction juice machine the purchase of SUPOR new kettle cooker to send the value of 199 yuan. Information Times reporter Liu Li

(commissioning editor Wu Zhenguo and Sun Hongli)

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