The Ministry of housing and real estate market dishonesty strike governance


11 month 2018 years 09 days from 07:17: Guangming Daily
Original title: the Ministry of housing and real estate market dishonesty strike governance

The integrity of the building [miles]

For a long time, driving up prices, "black intermediary", property hoarding, not approved before the sale, false advertising and other illegal acts of real estate market frequent pattern, infringes the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of the people, seriously disrupting the order of the real estate market, resulting in adverse social impact.

To this end, the Ministry of housing and urban development to further increase the dishonest behavior of the real estate market remediation efforts, and severely punish illegal behavior, public exposure of typical cases, promote the establishment of a joint disciplinary mechanism, effectively purify the environment of real estate market, and effectively protect the interests of buyers.

In the Interim Measures for urban and rural housing construction field credit information management of housing and urban construction department recently issued the "(online draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"), lists 101 kinds of behavior of housing security and the real estate market, the housing provident fund, construction and engineering quality and safety market so, if the circumstances are serious or greater social impact, will be included in the list of dishonest Joint Disciplinary object.

According to the "draft", publishing false information and advertising, property hoarding or disguised hoarding, or by tying bundles of additional conditions limit, forcing buyers to accept the price of commodities or services will be included in the list of Joint Disciplinary dishonesty. In addition, without obtaining pre-sale permit, unauthorized sale of commercial housing will also be "black" punishment. "The draft" also made it clear that there are restrictions, obstruct or refuse the buyer to use the housing provident fund loans to purchase the field of housing provident fund, if the circumstances are serious and refused to rectification, will be included in the Joint Disciplinary dishonesty blacklist.

The included object list for breaking the joint disciplinary subject of credit, housing and urban construction department said, according to the law can be used alone or combined with the relevant departments, organizations and institutions to take the following special disciplinary measures including administrative and disciplinary constraints, including strict audit administrative approval items, strictly control the production license issued, restrictions on new project approval, the approval, strictly limit the application of fiscal funds in the relevant projects, limited public resources transactions, the implementation of market and industry prohibition measures, timely revocation of the honorary title. To implement the ability to perform but refused to fulfill the statutory obligations of measures such as restrictions on high consumption behavior. Financial institutions to guide commercial banks, securities and futures business institutions, the insurance company in accordance with the principle of risk pricing, raising mortgage rates and property insurance rates, or limit the offer of loans to the sponsor, underwriting, insurance and other services.

Housing and Urban Construction Department official said, through the force punishment departments and measures of anti, building "a dishonest, everywhere restricted credit union disciplinary mechanism. At the same time, the real estate of dishonesty, insist found together, and together, and should be exposed.

As of now, the Ministry of housing and urban development has been in conjunction with the relevant departments in the 30 key city first deployed, focus on real estate speculation, the real estate "black intermediary" and other acts of dishonesty. The purchase of the investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes, focused on the exposure of illegal typical cases, informed the two batches of a total of 40 around the investigation of illegal real estate development enterprises and intermediary institutions.

"By regular exposure of illegal typical cases, the formation of shock and awe." The responsible person said, in the future, on the one hand, to continue to mobilize the masses to supervise, smooth masses reporting channels, the masses are strongly typical cases and problematic to supervise the handling, timely publication of investigation results, respond to social concerns, strive to build the real estate market governance management situation. On the other hand, to further strengthen the supervision and accountability mechanisms, the implementation process of the discovery of illegal acts of the special action, severely punished according to law.

(commissioning editor Dong Sirui and Sun Hongli)

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