Xu Jiayin charitable donations of over ten billion to create precise poverty "Hengda model"

Wei Na Xu

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Eliminate poverty and improve people's livelihood, and gradually achieve common prosperity, is the essence of socialism. Especially since the reform and opening up of the party since eighteen, China successfully embark on a China characteristics of poverty alleviation and development road, the 740 million rural poor out of poverty in order to achieve success, the first hundred years goal to lay a solid foundation. The party's nineteen big poverty alleviation as the fully completed one of the three battle of well-off society.

In recent years, there has been a fundamental change in overall characteristics of poverty China in rural areas, puts forward new requirements and new challenges of poverty alleviation and development policy. Private enterprises have become the most active and most creative subject in market economic activities, has become an important force for social relief, while creating value for enterprises and society, but also actively contribute to the community, to fulfill their social responsibilities.

As the reform and opening up in the growth of typical private enterprises, since Hengda Group was founded in 1996, has been practicing in the public road, take up their social responsibility, especially in the field of Hengda precise poverty to create the "Hengda model" for many enterprises to create a demonstration effect of the sample.

Never return to society

"I was born in Henan in a very poor place, I was 1 years and 3 months, the mother got sick, no money to see a doctor, no place to see a doctor, so go on, I became half an orphan. I eat sweet potato and sweet potato to face up". For the poor, Hengda Group chairman of the board of directors, party secretary Xu Jiayin has a very profound experience, came from the bottom of the Xu Jiayin understand rural development problems and pain points, can also experience poverty and backwardness.

The media said, poor Xu Jiayin more understand the poor suffering.

Xu Jiayin has stressed on many occasions, Hengda all are party to, to the country, to the society, we should bear social responsibility, we should return to the society, we must return to the society. Enterprises on the one hand to do their own business, management and development, how to solve the employment, taxes, and create more social wealth; on the other hand, return to drink from the society, a positive commitment to social responsibility, join the charity and poverty alleviation.

Founded 22 years, Hengda accumulated the people's livelihood, poverty alleviation, education, environmental protection, sports and other charity donations about 10000000000 yuan, has accumulated tax about 185000000000 yuan, every year for the society to solve the employment of about 2600000 people, to fulfill their social responsibilities, to help improve people's livelihood and make its due contribution.

In 22 years, Hengda Chinese was awarded the best corporate citizen, the national Charity Award, the most China corporate social responsibility and many other honors. Xu Jiayin also won the "national poverty alleviation Award" "national model worker" and "outstanding China characteristics of socialist builders" and other national honors, and won the highest award eight consecutive "China charity China Charity Award", become the highest cumulative amount of cash donations, won the China Charity Award the highest number of caring people, and for many years was rated "Forbes" China top philanthropist.

In October 24th, the central United Front Work Department and the National Association of industry and Commerce jointly recommended the "40 years of reform and opening up hundreds of outstanding private entrepreneurs" list, Xu Jiayin selected.

The precise poverty "Hengda model"

On November 27, 2015, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the poverty alleviation work conference: "we need to make great determination and courage will, insist the goal, hard work, determined to win the battle of poverty, to ensure that by 2020 all poor areas and people together into the comprehensive well-off society."

Hengda Group to respond positively to the CPC Central Committee called on the CPPCC National Committee under the support from the beginning of December 2015, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, twinning, free investment 11 billion yuan, send 2108 people of the poverty alleviation team resident Wumeng mountains, the introduction of 79 upstream and downstream enterprises, alongside the local cadres and the masses, firmly grasp the industrial poverty, to be relocated precise poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation employment bid, to 2020, helping the city's 1 million 30 thousand poverty-stricken population stable poverty.

It is reported that Guizhou city in Bijie Province, a total of 7 counties and 3 districts, a total population of 9 million 275 thousand and 200 people, by the end of 2015 the poverty population of 1 million 154 thousand and 500 people. Bijie Hengda twinning since the strong leadership of the party committees and governments at all levels, to effectively promote the "blood type" to "blood type poverty alleviation change, creating a unique" mode for most private enterprises in helping hengda". As of now, has donated 6 billion yuan, has been helping Bijie 306 thousand and 700 people initially out of poverty, which has been helping Qianxi County in 2018 years 9 months to 2020 years of successful poverty hat, but also helping 724 thousand and 600 people out of poverty and stability.

Poverty is not only the data out of poverty, Hengda the effectiveness of poverty alleviation is actually helping poverty results.

In the industries of poverty, for the three District of Bijie City Hengda seven county poverty for the construction of more than 60 thousand vegetable greenhouses, about 900000 acres of herbs, fruit and vegetables and fruits field base, the construction of 447 beef cattle breeding base, deployment, the modified about 600000 head of cows, the introduction of the 79 leading enterprises as the upstream and downstream industries to create me in the southwest region's largest base of fruits and vegetables and beef cattle breeding base; the relocation of poverty easily, helping Bijie to build 50 new rural areas, 12 immigrant communities, from the depths of the mountains out of 52 thousand poor households, 221 thousand and 800 poor people; employment poverty, poor people organize occupation skill training, more than 80 thousand people to solve local employment. "A family out of poverty, employment".

Bijie City Hengda in Dafang County, also the implementation of educational poverty alleviation and special disadvantaged groups living guarantee of poverty alleviation. 11 primary school, 13 kindergartens, 1 high schools and 1 of Career Technical College have been completed and put into use, and in cooperation with the Tsinghua University to introduce high quality education resources. 1 charity hospitals and 1 nursing homes, 1 children's welfare have been completed and delivered and put into use.

In addition to twinning outside Bijie, Hengda also replicated Bijie poverty experience, actively participate in the "Guangdong poverty relief activities, over 2 billion have been donated to Guangdong for poverty reduction, the cumulative Guangdong charity donations of about 3 billion. The beginning of 2017, a total of 26 poor villages in Huidong County, Huizhou City, Boluo County Hengda twinning, 2018, helping Heyuan city peace Lianping County, practicing the strategy of revitalizing the country, build a beautiful countryside demonstration village. In addition, Shaanxi Hengda and Henan province poverty alleviation career donated a total of 20 million, the implementation of industrial poverty alleviation and education.

At present, Hengda "enterprises together overall poverty alleviation mode has been selected China Cass Blue Book: Chinese report" poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development (2017) ". The "blue book" Hengda pointed out that a change in the past local and indirect, single type of social assistance for the whole county, participatory, three-dimensional, dropper type social assistance, input of manpower and material resources to participate in the whole process of poverty alleviation, by means of market to revitalize the rural resources, to create a high quality efficiency of poverty alleviation "domestic and international" is a pioneering work in the field of public welfare".

The poor are immune to the economy and the world

Xu Jiayin's charity Road, from the creation of Hengda has always insisted today.

In early 1998, Hengda just founded soon, the entire enterprise is still arduous pioneering stage. In the face of floods of the year, Xu Jiayin and Hengda Group will donate 5 million yuan.

In 1999, Xu Jiayin to join in the country hope project construction; 2001, donated nearly 3 million yuan in Guangdong Province Public Security Fund; in 2002, to the Guangzhou Municipal Education Fund donated 1 million yuan; 2008, Hengda Group donated over 11 million yuan to support the Wenchuan earthquake; in 2010, and Yushu earthquake donations to 5 million yuan; in 2011, Guangdong poverty relief activities, Hengda donated 318 million yuan donation, become the largest enterprise representative; December 2015, Hengda Group in Guizhou helping Bijie help millions of people out of poverty; in 2018, Hengda Group again donated 500 million to help Guangdong poverty alleviation......

"Poverty alleviation work so that every constant adults feel personal, connected with the fate of the country's mission to play and share weal and woe. To get rid of poverty, a positive commitment to social responsibility, has become a part of Hengda enterprise culture." Xu Jiayin said.

Obviously, "Hengda model" can encourage more enterprises to participate in public welfare undertakings, but also for the future of both social and economic benefits of the win-win development mode to create a reference, a copy can be extended experience.

"No country of the resumption of college entrance examination policy, I cannot do without the countryside; no country every month give me 14 block grants, I can't finish college; no national good policy of reform and opening, there is no Hengda today." Xu Jiayin said he and Hengda are caught up with the good policies of the country it is possible to obtain the achievement of today.

"Poverty alleviation is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, to eliminate poverty and achieve common prosperity is our common responsibility of the whole society. We will as in the past, and the general love business, caring people together to promote the development of philanthropy, in order to achieve the goal of a comprehensive well-off society, our contribution!" As the reform and opening up the builders, beneficiaries and devotees, Xu Jiayin Hengda and there must be more to do in the future. (Xu Weina)

(commissioning editor Xu Weina and Li Fang)

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