Let the living real estate "move" Rong salcon brigade secret operations and speed

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11 at the beginning of the month of Huangshan, Baiyun Akita Keshi, Brigitte Han, Danfeng fire, deep yellow fruit grass. Huangshan is ushered in the year of the most colorful ornamental season. This season, the mountain Canruo embroidery Fenglin, and the famous yingkesong side by side.

With the ancient Maple "Xia" is different, 4 cableway in Mount Huangshan has been completed in the main attractions around, it simply connected. Among them, Mount Huangshan "13th Five-Year" plan, will be known as Asia's longest cable - down plan for the northern gate of Mount Huangshan Taiping cableway tourist hub and clear list.

The distance is only 2 km from the north gate Mount Huangshan Pu Xi Town, has for the future depth tour of Mount Huangshan consumers prepared options, in the construction of 2600 acres of land, the planning of the 12 sector, and will set up tens of thousands of square meters of commercial street, to provide a more livable service circle.

Pu Xi Zhen by water from the North Wing operators salcon brigade building, Rong salcon brigade Emori development (002146.SZ) is an important system, group of "after the incremental era into operation based on the age of transition from traditional developers, operators and service providers is an inevitable move with the market trend of the establishment of such a consideration, and quickly development and growth.

Taiping cableway and tourist hub down, will direct the Rongsheng North Gate project planning and overall development of the Mount Huangshan scenic area together total rule, highlight the leading role of Rongsheng project, to build eco tourism small town construction of North gate.

Proud salcon tour in Huangshan elaborate project and 4, are located in the famous scenic spot nearby, and effectively combines the characteristics of.

The health spavalley project is located in Jiuhua Mountain, and the mountain before religious products complementary, dislocation development of hot spring recreation, meditation experience and leisure style; Rongsheng Wushi Wetland Park, wetland landscape based on its culture, create diversified cultural and natural landscape.

138479.xyz reporter observed, even if the same in Taiping Lake Basin, Shengjin Rong Bay and Lotus International also made a different plan. Rong Sheng Lotus International Project for the Tuscany style wedding town; Rong Shengjin basin Bay Health Resort includes 8000 acres and 2200 acres of Forest Park three big health resort.

Mount Huangshan's Pinghu Zi Guang Yuan Hotel Arcadia real map. (Rong salcon brigade for map)

"We made a strategic layout in the beautiful scenery of Mount Huangshan, can be said to be" one of Mount Huangshan, half City Rongsheng ". In fact, in the country, Rong salcon made "brigade siting principles mountain, sea, lake, forest, the original", only well-known attractions, but not only rely on the spot, do the depth of planning and comprehensive operation." Rong salcon Tourism Investment Co., vice president Liu Hong said, Rong salcon brigade Layout Framework "6+N" has been formed, respectively in Qinhuangdao, Chengde, Yesanpo, the Beijing area, mainly in Nanjing, Shanghai area, Hainan area in Lingshui, Huizhou, Zhanjiang, Mount Huangshan area in Mount Huangshan Mount Jiuhua, the big area in Shennongjia, Yichun, the southwest region to Chengdu, Xichang, Emei and Lijiang based, mainly in Czech and the European region.

Jinpen Bay project real map. (Rong salcon brigade for map)

In Jinpen Bay Resort area, Rong salcon constructed wetland tourism estate, artist village, five star hotels, high-end health clubs, yacht wharf, Rong Yiyuan wellness center and supporting all kinds of community life, must at the same time, the project is also planning a six theme park through the.

Zhang Jian from Shanghai couples after retirement have settled here, they told reporters, for the people of Shanghai, Mount Huangshan is like a vacation in the garden, many retired people enjoy another kind of enjoyment of life here. The mind is Zhang Jian, Rongsheng launched the "popular world" plan, can let the owners "at home, Four Seasons Resort, living in the world, that they can all Rong Sheng Kang brigade of the project for the real experience of migratory birds holiday life.

To solve the pain points, so that real estate "moving"

Liu Hong told reporters, "Rong salcon brigade popular world" plan for 10 years.

According to him, the world is "popular in the world popular alliance" referred to in brief is to participate in the program of the owners, the owners can identity into membership each year to enjoy a certain proportion of the total 1629 for living rights, for all Yu Rong salcon tour project.

Rong salcon brigade summarizes Yang Kang, the tour products to solve pain points, the owners after the purchase often have to face damage, long-term vacant housing depreciation caused by housing assets security can not be guaranteed, can only be a long vacation home restrictions, "not a place to buy a house."

He believes that after the adoption of the "Timeshare" mode, consumers buy houses is only several days of the right to use the housing property instead, holiday products sold into investment products; "Fanzu" mode is affected by seasonal effects, the financial strength of developers is a huge test, the emergence of a large number of breach of contract; a third-party platform has a chaotic management and other ills.

"In the world is a new attempt. We hope to be able to live in this free of charge for the implementation of the new trend in the market, so that the owners to buy a house can share Rongsheng in living in other city resources. The line we pay more attention to the matching set can meet the equal standard of living and social demand, resource sharing." Liu Hong said.

According to the functional design salcon brigade "Rong, the prevalence of the world" is the integration of Rongsheng's development of real estate, finance, hotel, tourism and other multiple tourism resources, to realize the synchronization tourease and asset appreciation, launched for the owners to provide migrant life service platform, the establishment of a "you go, I am responsible for all." the service system.

Speed scale

Liu Hong also admitted: "but this trader, destined to have a problem is the scale, only the size reaches a certain amount, and running smoothly, to complete the real closed loop."

He told reporters, Rongsheng very stressed that "Rongsheng speed", a kind of confidence which reflects the Rongsheng ability of operations, "there will be no less than four Acca International Hotel built under the wing Shengqi every year, and constantly refresh the layout of the market, our fast, to make the best in the shortest time the service experience more throughout the region, currently only in Hebei Province, on the conference of tourism in Hebei province was established in Qinhuangdao, Chengde, Yesanpo and other characteristics of the town." He said.

Data show that as of now, Rong salcon brigade's existing 33 Kang brigade resort project, 31 Arcadia Hotel, the scale of the rapid pace of development.

Rong Sheng Yesanpo four seasons hotel opened on-site project of fairy tales. (Rong salcon brigade for map)

As Rong salcon brigade "said supporting go", the hotel opening speed and operation level are on. In November 1st, Rong salcon brigade completed business hotel Hebei Yesanpo four seasons fairy tale project. It is reported that the fairy tale is Rong salcon Hotel Yesanpo International Resort tour family entertainment resort in the plate is an important part of the fairy tale hotel with a total construction area of 21 thousand square, functional facilities, deluxe room, the princess dream Viking, fast cars, real dream forest 6 real unique theme 230 guest rooms.

"Living, modern life is heroic dream tired. Not just, not here, is the real experience of life elsewhere." For Jinpen Bay project sand table, Liu Hong is still in the conception of the next step should be to add what support, so that consumers can get a better living experience.

(commissioning editor Kong Haili and Wu Zhenguo)

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