When will the school district room is not madness (livelihood survey)

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Original title: school district room day can not mad (livelihood survey)

The sea spring (Xinhua News Agency)

The narrow aisle is 1 million 500 thousand yuan, 460 thousand yuan a square metre of more than 10 square meters of dwelling...... Recently, the extreme cases, the school district room frequently stimulate the public's nerves. In fact, many of the so-called school district room price is not occupied, lost housing property. But whether it is housing aisle or be split between grid, there are still parents of children to enter the elite at throwing heavily panic buying.

The room is split to not more than 10 square meters

The reporter arrived at Beijing on June 22nd in the afternoon near the front door big ear alley. The brick wall, the poles in the alley, and houses can be seen everywhere in the aisle buy school district room advertising. Similar to the "full payment according to the school district room, courtyard or alley line" can be seen everywhere. Here is a recent intermediary price 1 million 500 thousand yuan astronomical school district located in the aisle ".

According to the admission dicing policy, big ear hutong is a dicing area experiment in the Beijing branch of a small front door. "A small cottage is split to split. Whether the aisle or small room, up to 10 square meters, the price already exceeded 100 thousand yuan per square metre." A resident of big ear alley, who split the "small lattice" could not be called houses, but some parents dream of admission.

The name of the reporter to buyers with an intermediary contact. A responsible for a small experiment Qianmen branch school district housing broker, has just exposed the high price corridor "smiling without a word, he said to recommend a" live "school district room to reporters. "There is a West Street in front of the house of 50 square meters, the total price of about 5 million yuan." The broker said: "don't look at this is to build a 70 years old house, but after a small experiment can helicopter Beijing Normal University High school."

The school district room price high fever and even continued to heat up". In the western city of Beijing, the helicopter can Beijing Normal University Experimental Middle School of Hong Miao primary school, many houses the school district of Financial Street District, the price has been close to 150 thousand yuan per square meter, while the end of last year was only 110 thousand yuan.

Not only Beijing, the reporter in Shanghai survey found that the school district housing turnover this year, the price is still quite strong, with many small apartment layout. For example, to Shanghai city schools in Shanghai First Normal School Affiliated Primary School of three and four, the garden and the garden, the price of more than 110 thousand yuan per square metre.

Although the "Shanghai nine" strict restriction policy has certain impact on the property market in Shanghai, but the school district housing owners are still on the future price of confidence. To Shanghai city primary school Xuhui District East Manhattan District listing price reached 100 thousand yuan per square metre. Some built in the early 90s of last century, the husband of the housing more than 90 thousand yuan per square meter.

Let the parents dicing policy betting mentality "intensified

At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on the city in 2016 to do the work of compulsory school enrollment requirements, in the current education resources is not balanced, the choice of strong impulse, according to the actual situation, and actively adopt a multi school scribe, primary school, early in the hot dispersion to each area, to ensure that the area is roughly balanced between.

The reporter found in the survey in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities, scribing policy has not yet implemented. Located in Beijing Chaoyang District City, a real estate intermediary broker Mr. Zhang said, scribing, is to make a cell corresponding to a plurality of primary school, junior high school, to buy the school district room family can't decide which school can. But at present, some school enrollment policy or a school corresponding to an area.

Just by this year a family of Changqing buy school district room for children in Beijing primary school fortunately successful registration Hong Miao said: "the school district room is finally not to buy the white, or bet on the treasure." The reporter interviewed several district housing buyers said, for most ordinary families, like cow school who only buy a way out.

Under all sorts of education of the new deal, parents' hesitation and anxiety did not decrease, but has been upgraded.

On the one hand, the future implementation of the new policy variables to dicing, increased, exacerbated the parents "betting mentality". Intermediary said, the original scope of the school district room is determined, after the implementation of the policy, is to buy a house may not be able to go into school. Reporter visited found in Beijing several well-known school district housing in the alley, "what do you want to buy the house? In the end can not be bought?" A lot of parents heart lingering doubt.

On the other hand, the "cow school" with ordinary schools, the theory expansion of high-quality school district, led to a wider range of housing prices. Although the scribing policy has not been implemented, but many schools in Beijing and Shanghai merged to form the Education Alliance, "cattle junior" corresponding to ordinary primary school to excellent with inferior measures carried out in an orderly manner. These measures indirectly let prices rise regional expansion.

Reporters in a Beijing primary school dicing information to see the site, because some well-known primary school area of the corresponding change, quickly led to the new area included dicing the second-hand housing prices. In nearby schools Yuetan Yumin primary school as an example, Yumin primary school will Qinglongqiao primary school after the merger, the corresponding area expanded, more than the original does not belong to the area of the District, second-hand housing prices rose.

To narrow the gap in education is expected to reduce the astronomical school district room

The reporter met is consulting Mr. Liu in Chaoyang an intermediary stores. "The child is not old enough to go to school, I buy the school district housing is a long-term investment. After the children go to school, the school district housing sold can also earn a lot of money."

Deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Jia Wei believes that the school district housing is not only the problem of real estate market. "The price corridor" behind, is the scarcity of high-quality educational resources and serious imbalance." Academy of Social Sciences researcher Wang Lina Chinese analysis.

Jia Wei said: "every good school, narrowing the development gap between the school connotation, is an effective way to alleviate the choice of heat and reduce the" astronomical school district room "."

Wang Lina believes that the "price suppression aisle" phenomenon, can be the appropriate deployment of existing teachers in the short term, the implementation of rotation mechanism, let the school and ordinary school teacher resources to communicate on a regular basis, narrowing the gap between the existing primary school education resources. In addition, in the "Internet plus" era, promote the development of distance education can also play a similar role to a certain extent.

East China Normal University Education Sciences Professor Jin Zhongming said: "the government should face this problem, through the curriculum construction, management and output, more to improve the school level, to allow more children to enjoy high quality resources."

Jin Zhongming and other experts suggest that, in addition to increase financial input, land, planning departments should also advance planning, the construction of adequate educational facilities. Big data system, the government needs to establish a multi sectoral coordination, according to the plan, the number of population in peak fertility prediction, education resources, build more long-term reasonable planning, the door is a good school".

(Xinhua reporter Kong Xiangxin, Lu Chang, Zheng Juntian)

(commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Sun Hongli)

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