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Hardcover submitted quality problems are frequent complaints of Changzhou Metro Holdings Jintan project

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Hardcover submitted quality problems are frequent complaints of Changzhou Metro Holdings Jintan project Beijing municipal government a positive eight clear division of a number of new institutions clearly in charge of the leadership The financing environment of housing prices rebound to open a new round of intensive bonds Beijing city will build 2900 houses With the constant change of market regulation Room to open a new round of intensive bonds Beijing city site banned bagged cement Nanjing Jiangning County real estate Landsea exquisite traced to steal area" Real estate investment trust can not only credit collateral Dongguan last year issued a total of 5 billion 475 million yuan mortgage "3 - 17" policy 2nd Anniversary Beijing housing prices is expected to stabilize Hainan to restart the mortgage business to the public "experts say can not be understood as easing Beijing property market "317 new" implementation of the full two years house prices fell over 10% This year, the property market is still the main tone of steady market and pay attention to the two-way adjustment of supply and demand The opening sold out, the scarce... Real estate media since the provocative Title Making anxiety Hainan "restart the mortgage business to the public" experts say can not be understood as easing The 2nd Anniversary Beijing property market fever down regulation "3 - 17" policy 2nd Anniversary Beijing housing prices is expected to stabilize The 1286 domestic and overseas enterprises international famous furniture fair to lead the whole house ready trend Beijing property market "3 - 17" control policy 2nd Anniversary prices fell more than 10% Hengda new energy automobile global strategic partner summit held Shanghai Pudong mobile phone can brush rental housing rental public service model innovation Guangzhou City: second-hand housing and together with the transfer of electricity Billion drop after sunshine city safety rules emphasize liabilities Guangxi commercial housing price growth will drop to stable and did not achieve the target city questioning accountability 80% of the tenants monthly salary of less than 10000 yuan monthly rent 2000 yuan in favor of housing Shanghai Pudong line housing rental public service platform: targeting the housing "pain points" innovation "mode of Pudong" Deputy director of the Research Office of the State Council: real estate basic policy orientation has not changed Xuhui new target increased from 25% to 190 billion Raymond Lam: steady development and Houjinshizu Bureau of Statistics: February housing sales price rose steadily "Attention should be paid to the Tianjin Center and the small and medium-sized city development" There is plenty of Dougezhuang resettlement housing families The real estate industry: the longest bull market or in the new period Xuhui core net profit of 5 billion 540 million yuan last year continued for nearly three years of rapid growth of about 30% Jia Yueting sold us sell domestic FF anxious to raise $40 million funding gap plugging The first two months of the real estate investment grew 11.6% Can apply for extraction of Beijing in Tianjin, Hebei housing provident fund The volume of new homes fell after stabilization Second-hand housing price decline of over 10% years The land market is "two low and one high" Real estate experts: plan to secure the implementation of long-term mechanism of prices unchanged this year slowed down pattern "Housing finance" behind the high rate of investment trap A set of photos into many houses of common real "" See the sale of second-hand housing real estate license depends search table Hu Yubo joined the sunshine city Zhu Rongbin: likelihood of future airborne executives is not high. Bureau of Statistics: 1-2 months generally stable price trend Changsha 12 city was identified as the 2018 penggai to support city People settled in the purchase of the property market policy disturbance, the gap will open? Farewell to the shantytowns towards the new round people live the dream life -- the transformation of the old city of Urumqi The intermediary must beware of both parties have disputes due diligence Beijing: new green rate of not less than 30% nursery school Nanjing property market housing supply remained tight Jiangbei a success rate of only 12% pure new disc Nearly 1 billion 300 million yuan into the real estate sector 4 stocks for 10 or more agencies recommend The tax power addition and subtraction to explore the long-term mechanism of real estate As soon as the real estate tax deliberation schedule Welcome to revitalize what rural farmers need Ministry of housing: real estate policy will maintain continuity and stability On behalf of members of the hot country revitalization: revitalize "money" to add momentum to the revitalization of the country As for the property ruthless son will father v. court People settled in the purchase of the property market policy disturbance will open the gap? During the pre Beijing high-end disk in the push plate By limiting competition of real world can attack the sea defending pin Photography enthusiasts gospel, documentary photography master black Ming Danzhai film teaching site evaluation The Ministry of finance to promote and regulate the development of PPP member Liu Shangxi: enhance hematopoietic function To create a "living forest artisan spirit" Hefei announced the rental subsidy application guide The natural resources minister Lu Hao announced: combing the flow chart of good real estate registration The house of "five card insufficiency was removed, the developer asset freeze was arrested, Hainan owners decide on what path to follow? The Ministry of housing and urban development minister Wang Menghui: adhere to the "the house was used to live, not to stir the location" Last week, Nanjing second-hand housing transaction volume high rising homeowners quote The stock of housing services market: Internet operation is represent the general trend The chairman of the shares pledge nearly 80% shares Ministry of housing: housing can not adhere to the development of the leasing market speculation The first mortgage interest rates is expected to be flat this year overall downward Housing prices in Hong Kong and Macao Bay area focusing new development opportunities Asian overseas real estate investment plunged 36% last year The average interest rate fell for 3 consecutive months, the first suite loan Beijing city housing rental collective land has 72 hectares of land available for 29 months the new home prices remain stable The stock of housing services market: Internet operation is represent the general trend Wang Hui: adhere to the "real live speculation" to prevent price change radically Vanke 600 billion sales quality "Water Leakage" Xi'an Sanya Changchun Hangzhou complaints The merger and reorganization of the first group and the real estate group The delegation of Hongkong people's Congress hot Guangdong Bay Area Construction -- the bay area is Hongkong the opportunity to take off again Online from the provident fund, the installation of the elevator...... Jiangsu Housing Department is responsible for response to hot To win relocation compensation sixty old woman thought of "deceitful" To further enhance the efficiency of real estate registration Nanjing this year, the second batch of land pre announcement released The future is expected to usher in the era of building robot Guo Yilu representative: rural living environment padded short board The property market is expected to steady two months before the property market turnover decline "Dream home" keep the young talents for the city The State Office issued the "notice" requirement to solve the registration problem of long time The precise regulation of the national property market is expected to stabilize The report shows: the urgent need for innovative format and pattern of commercial real estate industry in China Yang Keng representative: strengthen the equal protection of private property rights, so that "extra persons perseverance" Buyers unprovoked received 1 million 340 thousand "service fee" Anhui province this year, more than 1600 new construction projects Last year nearly half of housing decoration complaints involving quality problems Let the big city intern is a place

Residential leasing volume decreased rent stabilization

Beijing city will build 2900 houses

Special recommendation

Bureau of Statistics: 1-2 months generally stable price trend
Department of comprehensive statistics of National Bureau of Statistics Director, spokesman Mao Shengyong pointed out that the 1-2 month national 70 large and medium-sized city generally stable price trend. Real estate sales declined slightly, largely for two reasons.
Illegal rental of public rental Beijing agency fined 30 thousand yuan
The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee issued 12 "notice book" service announcements, Sheng family (Beijing) real estate brokerage Co. Ltd. for failing to file the relevant information and illegal rental of public rental housing to the competent authorities were fined 30000 yuan.
Yao Jinbo representative: the proposed relaxation of low-income housing for Limited
The development of the National People's Congress, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city focus on housing rental market. He proposed to relax the restrictions apply for affordable housing provident fund, the implementation of flexible access policy, and appropriate to the housing tilt.
I have a complaint.
    • Complainant: Chongqing buyers complaints brand: Beijing urban construction and apartment layout quality fraud

      The actual apartment layout and publicity are the basement garage without floor paint, residential security environment of road dust all over the sky. See detailed

    • Complainant: Beijing venture company brand: AIKE Singapore rental business complaints of fraud

      The office room rate is less than 30%, seized the company a lot of important documents. See detailed

    • Complainant: Guangzhou property buyers complaints: sunshine city brand quality defects of contract fraud

      Malicious concealment of quality problems, forced through the invalid contract, deprived of the rights of property owners. See detailed

    • Complainant: Chengdu property buyers complaints: Metro holdings brand quality giant difference

      The basement cracks Water Leakage serious area north gate of municipal roads because developers dispute the door was blocked unable to use. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • Complainant: Hefei buyers complaints brand: Vanke housing quality standards

      On the west side of the living room walls, wallpaper mildew, the property will not be processed. See detailed

    • Complainant: Chengdu buyers complaints: China brand fraud houses

      The corresponding fine decoration quality and ultimately determine the price of refined decoration developers. See detailed

    • Complainant: Qingdao housing complaints brand: small home rental difficult bank

      Signed the contract after the delay will not return the deposit refund. See detailed

    • Complainant: Baoding buyers complaints brand: Beijing urban construction property purchase by deception

      Housing property for 30 years to 70 years to sell. See detailed

    • Complainant: Wuhan buyers complaints brand: Optics Valley future city housing quality standards

      The corresponding fine decoration quality and ultimately determine the price of refined decoration developers. See detailed

    • Complainant: Zhuzhou buyers complaints brand: founder of residential construction standards

      The sales promotion is not consistent with the physical. See detailed

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