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The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee Office of housing security card hanging In violation of measures issued

Dongguan "golden nine silver 10" cold Nanjing in October second-hand housing turnover dropped 17% The property market "silver 10" fever first-tier cities collective decline in second-hand house prices

Rolling news

On the first day of 6891 Beijing heating temperature does not reach 80% complaints reflect 5.71%! First mortgage interest rates rose for the 22 consecutive month hit a new high for the year Xi'an Lai refused Tengfang district court house with excavator will be razed to the ground Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen second-hand house prices fell Second-hand housing intermediary fees to the seller? The buyer is ultimately out of their own worries Part of the "rent credit risk prevention into routine consumer trap Chinese Industrial Park summit held Biguiyuan first release city business innovation five system "The examination of employees in Beijing city housing and urban construction industry disciplinary violations approach (Trial)" issued Beijing Construction Committee 9 exposure violations of real estate brokers The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee and the Beijing municipal housing security office sign hanging The chain announced a comprehensive quality improvement plan stringent standards to accelerate business upgrade Legendary operation! Zero shoufu! Also more than 400 thousand yuan mortgage Housing prices are changing, your purchase is also a time to change Leveraging Shenzhen science and technology city fair Butterfly The construction of Guangdong Bay area will focus on promoting the six aspects of the work The construction of a high standard of value innovation park, build a new power source of industrial development in Guangzhou Beijing city Yanqing District released brand "World Park family hostel" Beijing private enterprises to promote Chaoyang District circular economy industrial park 60 investment projects Inclusive kindergarten building into the urban and rural public management and public service facilities planning Forbes released 2018 Asian heroes charity three enterprises founder dengbang Also a peaceful country Hubei property market volume and price contraction Market balance: gradually to the buyer's preferences? Zhuchaoyinfeng Shanghai 10 billion 800 million line project in Jiaxing Dongguan second-hand housing market turnover accounted for the decline Dongguan Qingxi low rent to 1 yuan / square meters The purchase must not ignore the property companies and property charges The growth rate of investment in infrastructure in the first rise Dongguan "golden nine silver 10" cold 810 thousand and 700 yuan in the "double 11" grab Suite Dongguan property market is also a "double 11" preferential 11.11 yuan to 11100 yuan The total size of over one hundred billion Beijing private 60 investment project promotion At the end of the performance of Guangzhou housing prices rushed a wave of new disk into the market Nanjing in October second-hand housing turnover dropped 17% 10 months Nanjing new home prices were rising two year-on-year decline of 1% Nanjing Chengnan New highest benefit of 1750 yuan / square meters Guangdong Huizhou two project is the city's criticism Guangdong Huizhou stock return to 400 million square meters high 5 the benefits of enterprise by Guangdong provincial housing department informed criticism Dongguan: 830 in the construction site to install the "eye in the sky" Beijing Tourism Commission interviewed four large hotel called "by the case denied the whole industry is too heavy" Dongguan second-hand housing prices become more rational The property market "silver ten" fever first-tier cities collective decline in second-hand house prices Guangdong Nanxiong: 5 years of comprehensive remediation dirty town street" Beijing 1-10 real estate sales fell 24% "Housing loan", the God of wealth, the tenant intermediary pit? Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen second-hand house prices fell These young people are "housing loan" to the pattern. Guangzhou housing market slowed long apartment prices stable Hot city prices cooling trend shows the "golden nine silver 10" lack of color 2018 World Ranking: Beijing city first into the semi-finals Chengdu hanging open" Beijing second-hand housing prices fell 10 The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee informed 5 companies bidding qualification has been suspended Dongguan tourism town Hakka Group intends to build a home Guangzhou housing market slowed long apartment prices stable In the beam to start listing in Hong Kong, only an unlisted billion housing prices will also visit the capital market Agency: 6 China City finalists in the world "frontline" City The National Bureau of Statistics: Yishoufang price 10 month first-tier cities were flat The National Bureau of Statistics: 10 month of second-hand housing prices were generally stable prices first-tier cities decline SASAC: construction, real estate industry of central enterprises mix change ratio has over eighty percent Guangzhou first into the world's top 30 first-tier cities Nanjing west part of the real estate is still pushing the new plan The innovation of science and Technology Industrial Park boost industrial chain cluster upgrade Square meters of Guiyang City shantytowns transformation of nearly 8 million 600 thousand Buy a house but received fake real estate license Beijing Shunyi's ease of 130 companies The property market downturn, real estate recruits began to eat soil Hangzhou real estate surveying and mapping management service platform on the line, can accurate search area The so-called "development area", is likely to be illegal construction Anhui Tongcheng: reconstruction to the poor family of a warm home. This "community service team, the A piece of high ground behind Hangzhou, was standing 12 shareholders Anhui provincial government to buy public rental housing management service pilot Tianjin city will be built next year 20 flower border landscape The water meter failure 5 years who bear the arrears? The "double 11" big promotion at the end of the property developers test temperature The old residential renovation is to retain the micro nostalgia" "Rent credit risk outbreak of many tenants by loans rights Share office began to pursue profit after burn time What kind of price of second-hand housing is not defensive The real estate investment growth for March narrowed The housing loans should continue to strict supervision Sales of commercial real estate investment began to drag the weak Real estate development and investment growth rate down 3 consecutive months of competition in the industry return to the product itself Ministry of housing: 1-10 month has completed the annual penggai task 99% Anhui Luyang investigation dangerous old building plan to eliminate potential housing The preferential policy of Anhui provident fund deposit ratio is expected to extend Beijing Chaoyang began to purchase a total of property rights Beijing Nanyuan small river channel 45 demolition of illegally built For the industry to share the "soft power" shell open class "new ecological brokerage first decoding" Happy Chinese made Hangzhou industrial town project replication steadily Bureau of Statistics: 10 months before commercial housing sales growth rate down personal mortgage loans fell Business to provident fund loans to mortgage Nanjing Bridge opened soon second-hand housing prices to rise? The first mortgage interest rates rose for 22 months China adheres to the "one family one house" to promote the rural house change "Silver ten" by the property market volume and price down Beijing: Navy General Hospital near black hotel residents get together The central bank report: put the funds deposited in the bank did not The completion of Tongzhou Taiwan Lake public rental housing at the end of the year

Beijing Construction Committee of 9 home real estate brokerage agencies illegal exposure

Hot city prices cooling trend appeared

Special recommendation

The Ministry of housing announced a further 24 illegal enterprises and intermediary (list attached)
It is understood that in order to further standardize the real estate market, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of the people, from 7 to 12 months at the beginning of the end of the month, the Ministry of housing and other seven ministries in Beijing, Shanghai and other 30 city real estate market chaos in advance to carry out governance special action.
Beijing agency issued a single purchase report: single women love to buy more
Recently, according to the single crop property group purchase behavior data statistics, single in Beijing group, single women love to buy a house, a single family home is the highest peak at the age of 28. In Beijing, the average transaction price of a single family, with less than 6 million at most, accounted for 46%, 600-1200 million accounted for 38%.
58 city released 2018 "double eleven" hot industry big data: the Beijing courier average salary over 7 thousand yuan 
Recently, the 58 city released for designers, programmers, courier, customer service sectors of the four "double eleven" hot industry big data.
I have a complaint.
    • Complainant: Hangzhou buyers complaints: Hengda Real estate brand housing quality standards

      There are two corner window leakage north south window blank, floating stone broken, has not been fully restored. See detailed

    • Complainant: Hebei buyers complaints: Huaxia happiness brand developers bundling

      Developers bundling parking spaces, parking spaces without property rights. See detailed

    • Complainant: Hebei buyers complaints: Happy Chinese brand developer illegal houses

      In charge of the housing developers sales to foreign non purchase qualification, violations also delay the refund. See detailed

    • Complainant: Langfang property buyers complaints brand: Peacock city houses fraud

      In charge of the housing sales to foreign buyers no form of qualification, but do not give the formal signing of the purchase contract See detailed I have a complaint.

    • Complainant: Binzhou buyers complaints: real estate brand developer has not sought

      The Real Estate Company received a refund is not no housing. See detailed

    • Complainant: Hebei buyers complaints brands: Pinlin Xi developers delayed launch

      The developers promise many others, but are not realized. See detailed

    • Complainant: Hangzhou buyers complaints: Hengda Real estate brand housing quality standards

      Housing around Water Leakage, living room bathroom roof leakage, resulting in Wei door deformation damage. See detailed

    • Complainant: Shangqiu buyers complaints: permanent home dragon brand developer has not submitted

      The developers promise many launch time, but did not realize. See detailed

    • Complainant: Sichuan buyers complaints brand: Metropolitan real estate developers delayed launch

      Developers do not contact others, developers, developers refused to negotiate. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • Complainant: Hangzhou buyers complaints: Hengda Real estate brand Water Leakage housing will not be processed

      The delivery of more than a year, the house has been damaged, Evergrande delay maintenance. See detailed I have a complaint.

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