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The two departments clear public housing asset management principles: separation of ownership and right of use

Beijing last year a total of 26 property projects to provide 29 thousand sets of housing purchase opened The landlord rent tax deductible tax declaration tenants declined against the game Rent tax: old problems caused by the new worries

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Let rent more secure these "official version" of the housing rental platform you use it In 2018, Henan started construction of more than 5 sets of young talent apartment Shenzhen: Legislative rental management focus Guangdong: Qingyuan Yangshan land integration "whole" out of money Governance "urban diseases" in Beijing this year to what? Guangdong for nearly 5 years the average rate of 71.8% Guangdong: credit intermediary service institutions will be suspended for service Guangdong introduced 13 measures to boost the revitalization of rural land The first mortgage interest rate of 5.68% on average 2018 way home pension development report: the order of growth of nearly 4 times of business travel has become a new trend for breakfast Sharing accommodation service chain is mature pig short rent announced big data service system Domestic pension off single staged show" Beijing Yizhuang new town planning to explore the "low density" development model Institute of symbiotic become a new path of city renewal To build a harmonious livable all target strides Liu Yuanchun: economic difficulties and steady progress Two days no reason to return a house, property buyers should not be limited to the protection of rights and interests Hangzhou real estate is not submitted to a delay signed to buy a house mortgage is still in the state Beijing: real estate registration office next month trial network Beijing city will continue to carry out physical examination Beijing: 2019 to better solve the housing problems of the masses will be completed 1200 hectares of residential land supply Shanghai two second-hand housing bargaining space will increase or decline is expected to reach about 10% Because of the demographic trends stimulate city vitality Over 40 listed housing prices in 2018 sales amount of over 5 trillion Foshan: open the new situation of city renewal to transform the Village Industrial Park The third batch of Guangdong town features selection will start in the first quarter of this year The color of the Yueyang Tower Interpretation of "Hebei New District": male overall planning of the city of the future new spreading picture The eight conjecture, in 2019 industry Beijing: commercial, office, factory renovation idle for dormitory according to regulations Beijing Chaoyang District Sunhe two plots will not push the price of commercial housing The "wisdom" of large city life more comfortable (Social Governance in the side, focusing on scientific and meticulous intelligent 1) The list of construction investment of 75 billion Deputy City Center released The transformation of the old assets into the stock of rental housing In two months of Beijing Haidian District Qinghe town housing problems Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration development entered a substantive construction period of "ease" key governance "urban diseases, pathfinder" 120 square hardcover room only 1056 yuan monthly rental housing in Hangzhou pilot special talents Beijing city deputy center construction: No "urban diseases" City High standard and high quality construction Beijing city deputy center of industrial and residential land ratio will change from 1:1.3 to 1:2 Beijing last year a total of 26 property projects to provide 29 thousand sets of housing purchase opened Long rent apartment in Beijing, Shanghai enterprises in Hangzhou as the most popular city The release of liquidity first mortgage interest rate cut space increases The first half of the property market will be very cold? Industry: first to dress a little warm Shanxi: Shanxi to heavily reward outstanding doctoral graduates The new regulations: Jiangsu real estate information submitted once Nanjing second-hand housing transactions last year nearly half of less than 80 square meters Guangzhou revised industrial land use rights can be sold after the first rent The number of housing prices related to "insurance value licence or financing? Inner Mongolia housing provident fund loans policy adjustment loans shall be continuous full deposit for 6 months Homestead wards down to earth warm Tianjin Baodi explore a new path of grassroots social governance This month, the Guangzhou property market set up by six QoQ Move out live firmly to get rich (line on people's livelihood - at the beginning of the new year to see poverty) Real estate enterprises serious differentiation of gifted students less left behind About 70 thousand sets of houses for sale in Beijing limited housing project supply surcharge "Awakening to plan" the implementation of the May "sleeping city" Commercial housing property renewal fee who has the final say Small frequent security risks for what reliable lock Five types of high skilled talents can direct the Beijing Hukou About 70 thousand sets of houses for sale in Beijing limited housing project supply surcharge Last year, Wanda employment over 200 thousand people including students nearly 95 thousand people COFCO Chengdu landmark, the former general manager of the company Xiong Qizhong was "double" The construction standard of Guangzhou a female toilets public toilets standard male ratio of more than 2:1 Yi Gang: the central bank to implement a prudent monetary policy to improve the service ability of the financial system of economic entity The development of housing prices slowed Wuguan has gradually become the new territory In the high-end housing is still the main limiting competing years is not easy to turn over The performance of the unprecedented pressure on developers collective shock opener RRR Beijing property market speculation "part of the project to the spring" Haikou: commercial housing enterprises to suspend the sale of the self-employed and other social organizations Beijing old district of Shijingshan for the "quasi property management" The real name system, so that construction workers more comfortable Renovation of Qinling Mountains illegally built villa Shaanxi province was discounted Laiwu to Ji'nan is the "big city" trend The purchase of Haikou New Deal new residents settled in the family can buy 1 sets of commercial housing We have moved out of the mountains, the new house! (warm album) Many fund policy adjustments the release of the three signals Land transaction premium rate lows continued downward trend Smitten! Enterprise purchase limit to 8 or the city to the city spread Longhu group 2018 contract sales amount of 200 billion 640 million yuan an increase of 28.5% Report: Beijing land turnover in 2018 4 fall into a residential housing era into the limit competition In 2018 300 city China land revenue nearly 4 trillion and 200 billion The high asking price to sell intermediary to charge higher part? Carefully tricky! Many began to relax the regulation: only local adjustment. Huizhou property market unswervingly adhere to the regulation Beijing new "one quarter community service circle 128 Shenzhen Luohu some schools do not accept non deep residence degree for rent Beijing Dongcheng District Renovation to create a group of "symbiosis institute" Shijingshan: apple garden will be built in the western city Beijing Chaoyang demolition this year not less than 5 million 700 thousand square meters Expert: China to promote the economic development and city construction quality 2018 leading enterprises to further enhance the market share Xinhua media real new year "abortion" call ten percent off to two times the price listing 300 city land turnover of nearly 4 trillion and 200 billion yuan last year increased prices of transactions are frequent unsold Yi China officially released CAIC platform and Sequoia Capital alliance established life Leading enterprises in market share continue to enhance cooperation in the development of increased equity accounted for the decline year by year Rongqiao group seeking balanced development by diversified business cycle economy through fission Bi million housing prices in 2018 sales ranked the top three constant financial record sales this year is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan As the holding sale three workers Shimao project was Liupai Jia Yueting debt difficult Three tax deductible tax administration to respond to hot issues such as mortgage The rent tax deductible new problems should be introduced as soon as possible solutions

The overall stability of the mortgage interest rate two years down the market

Much of the property market policy loose and fine-tuning

Special recommendation

To avoid the irrational purchase of Dongguan implementation of the two days no reason returned"
As for the buyer to provide a cooling off period and buffer period, avoid the irrational purchase risk, recently, the city of Dongguan since March 1st this year, in the city to promote the use of commercial housing for the book model, innovation and implementation of two days no reason returned.
The third batch of Guangdong town features selection will start in the first quarter of this year
According to the characteristics of Guangdong Province Town Development Association revealed that the third batch of the province will carry out the selection of feature of the town in the first quarter of 2019, will help promote the provincial development and Reform Commission to carry out related work.
The list of construction investment of 75 billion Deputy City Center released
In 2019, Beijing city will be the city master plan and regulatory approval as a guide, plans to invest 75 billion yuan, to promote the centralized transportation and infrastructure, public services, ecological environment, information technology and smart city and other areas of more than 240 major projects.
I have a complaint.
    • 投诉人:重庆购房人    投诉品牌:北京城建    户型与质量欺诈

      The actual apartment layout and publicity are the basement garage without floor paint, residential security environment of road dust all over the sky. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:北京创业公司    投诉品牌:新加坡艾克商务    租赁欺诈

      The office room rate is less than 30%, seized the company a lot of important documents. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:广州购房者    投诉品牌:阳光城    质量缺陷合同欺诈

      Malicious concealment of quality problems, forced through the invalid contract, deprived of the rights of property owners. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:成都购房者    投诉品牌:新城控股    质量巨差

      The basement cracks Water Leakage serious area north gate of municipal roads because developers dispute the door was blocked unable to use. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:合肥购房人    投诉品牌:万科    房屋质量不达标

      On the west side of the living room walls, wallpaper mildew, the property will not be processed. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:成都购房人    投诉品牌:中海    欺诈售房

      The corresponding fine decoration quality and ultimately determine the price of refined decoration developers. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:青岛租房人    投诉品牌:小家联行    退租遇阻

      Signed the contract after the delay will not return the deposit refund. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:保定购房人    投诉品牌:北京城建    购房产权遭欺骗

      Housing property for 30 years to 70 years to sell. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:武汉购房人    投诉品牌:光谷未来城    房屋质量不达标

      The corresponding fine decoration quality and ultimately determine the price of refined decoration developers. See detailed I have a complaint.

    • 投诉人:株洲购房人    投诉品牌:北大方正    小区建设不达标

      The sales promotion is not consistent with the physical. See detailed I have a complaint.